All products that are considered to be complex by the HCS team, (religious/technical), shall be sent to an accredited laboratory for testing.

A chemical test analysis is carried out to determine if the product is free from porcine DNA and Ethanol contents.


Processed products or further processing:

The auditor could be asked to acquire samples of end products to be sent to an accredited laboratory as per ISO 17025 for chemical analysis to detect ethanol and/or porcine DNA.

The laboratory where the product is sent for testing shall be accredited under ISO 17025 ILAC, MRA or can be recognised by the local authority such as MPI.

Although some detergents and cleaning products could contain ethanol, there is a tolerance level of 0.1% (H.A.S 23000/23103: 2012).

Regarding end product testing, HCS shall adopt and implement Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI)/ Halal Assurance System (H.A.S 23000/23103:2012), Clause 5.4 of GSO 2538 and JAKIM clause 3.3 and 3.4. of MS: 1500:2019 as per the decision made by JAKIM Fatwa Council.

Any product used by the manufacturer which is doubtful shall be sent to a laboratory for testing. The cost of testing shall be paid by the applicant or manufacturer.

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